In fact, as many people say, the Foundation for Defence of Democracies is yet a little-known organization, and somewhere these people are true. No matter how much one tries to establish the fame of this organization, be practical. Carry out a survey, and you will get to know how many people know and how many people don’t know. This is the reason why today we are summing up some important information regarding Foundation for Defence of Democracies to make them aware of such a bright, responsible and powerful organization.

Introduction to Foundation for Defence of Democracies

This organization was initiated by Mark Dubowitz and Clifford May and was started off with the intention to prevent the effects of whatever happened on 9/11 for future upcoming.

Below are some of the important details of the organization.

  • Establishment Year: 2002
  • EIN: 13-4174402
  • Bridge Number: 7730009401
  • Address: PO Box33249, Washington DC 20033
  • Area of cause along with NTEE code: Research Institute and/or Public Policy Analysis (Q05)
  • Principal Officer: Clifford May

Highlighting Program

One of the most highlighted programs amongst all the other programs laid by this organization is the Centre for Terrorism Research (CTR). The main motive behind the formation of this organization was to counter attack the different threats by forming required techniques and strategies. This program on CTR comprises of learning and also understanding the different ideologies which are in accordance with terrorism in accordance to deal with it in future.

The population who were being served through this highlighted program on research was the general public, and this entire program held a budget of about $4,860,918.00

The main idea to focus on beginner level stuff of the great Foundation for Defence of Democracies is to make you known with the organization and trigger your brain to learn more. Now, what you are left to do with is to access to your brain to accept to learn about this organization or just let it be!