The real meaning of Christmas

Who has not heard of the legendary tale of Scrooge? The Christmas Carol, as it is called now is a tale that is told to children and adults alike around the world to explain the meaning of the true spirit of Christmas and what it means to actually celebrate Christmas and to be a Christian. The spirit of Christmas is something that cannot be easily explained and is something that needs to be felt to be understood. It needs to come from within and needs to be genuine for one to really value and understand the true meaning of Christmas and the spirit of Christmas.


As the tale goes, Scrooge, the miserly man with no regard for others and for the spirit of Christmas, goes about only thinking about himself and about how to keep making more and more money. This is before he is confronted by the ghosts of Christmas past, present and the future. Each shows what his life was, is and will be in the future due to his actions. It shows how unfortunate he himself was during the past in his life to not receive the true love that he deserved and how others around him bask in joy that he never found even thought they are much less fortunate than him. The ghost of the Christmas future most importantly shows him what will become of him if he continues on this dark and lonely path. In the end, Scrooge realizes that it is not the luxuries and the material pursuits in life that is the true purpose of it.

Get Christmas stocking kit and spread the love

The true purpose of life, as the true spirit of Christmas, is to enjoy the small pleasures that life gives you and to share the love and joy that you wish to feel, for that is the only way you get the joy and the love that you seek. So get yourself some Christmas stocking kits, build your own Bucilla and join in the Christmas festivities and spread the love.